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Find out which career is right for you!

Do you want to make money while learning? How about going to college for free?

Then the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program may be for you!  FLYAP offers job shadows and paid co-ops at local manufacturing companies and also provides free dual enrollment at Monroe Community College.

By joining FLYAP, youth apprentices receive critical classroom and on-the-job training that prepares them for today’s workplace and higher education.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Apprenticeship offers many paths to a successful career


Do you have an interest in being creative? Did you ever wonder how two pieces of metal can be put together to make something? Do you want to make parts that go on jet, automobile, motorcycle or construction equipment? If you want to work with robots, then Welding is for you!

CNC Machinist

Do you want to make a medical device for joint replacement, a fuel nozzle for a Boeing jet liner or a component on a new Tesla car? If you like to run and set up machines, then CNC Machining is for you!

Machine Builder

Have you ever wanted to build a machine instead of running one? Have you ever built a robot? Do you enjoy building new things? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Have you ever asked how something works and want to understand how to make it work? If you are interested in electrical and mechanical concepts, then Machine Building is for you!

Building Maintenance Tech

Do you like to fix and repair things? Do you like carpentry, drywall, painting, plumbing and basic electrical work? Do you like to work with your hands, but working on machinery doesn't really interest you? If you would like to be a person that can fix and repair almost anything, then becoming a Building Maintenance Tech is for you!

Pipefitter (Plant Maintenance)

Have you ever wondered how a hot water tank or boiler works? Have you ever thought about how sprinkler systems put out a fire? Or how there are so many pipes in a building that all work together? Do you want to learn how to troubleshoot and repair these systems? If this sounds interesting to you, then Pipefitting is for you!

Mold Maker

Do you want to make a mold that will produce thousands of parts used in Space X rockets, video game consoles, or millions of other products? If you want to learn how to build molds with ultimate precision used in an ultra-clean environment, then Mold Making is for you!


Do you want to make a tool that will produce millions of parts for x-ray machines? Or, make a fixture that will precisely assemble many parts to produce the components of planes, trains and automobiles? If you want to make a prototype part that will bring new and previously unseen technology into an industry, then Toolmaking is for you!

Industrial Manufacturing Tech

Do you like running machines and learning new things? Have you ever wondered how a business is run? Are you curious about advanced manufacturing but are not sure specifically what you want to do? If you like machines but are uncertain what your interests are, then learning about Industrial Manufacturing Technology is for you!

Quality Assurance Auditor

Do you want to learn how to precisely measure products to ensure they meet the customer’s expectations? Inspections require using high precision techniques and high-tech equipment to make sure that the completed part with work. If you are organized and detailed oriented, then Quality Assurance is for you!

Electromechanical Technician

Do you like to take things apart and put them back together again? Do you like to fix and repair things? Do you like to try and figure out how things work and then fix the problems to make it work? Do you like working with electricity? If you like repairing electrical and or electronic gadgets, then becoming an Electromechanical Technician is for you!

Electronics Technician

Have you ever wondered how a machine turns on? What makes a machine move the way it does? How a computer can tell a machine what to do and when? Have you ever wondered how a remote control can make something operate even though there are no wires connecting it? If this sounds interesting to you, then becoming an Electronics Technician is for you!

Electrician – Plant Maintenance

Have you ever wondered how a light works? How a machine turns on? What makes a machine move the way it does? How to make sure that a building with multiple machines has enough power to make them run? Do you want to learn how to wire buildings, offices, high tech machines and security systems? If this sounds interesting to you, then becoming an Electrician is for you!

Precision Optics Technician

Do you want to make parts for a telescope, or for a satellite that is miles in the sky and can see clearly to your backyard? Are you curious about how to take glass and machine it so that it can be used on a space shuttle or military jet? If so, then becoming a Precision Optics Technician is for you!

Maintenance Mechanic

Do you like to take things apart and put them back together again? Do you like to fix and repair things? Do you like to try and figure out how things work and then fix the problems to make it work? Do you like to use machines to make parts? If you like troubleshooting and repairing things, then becoming a Maintenance Mechanic is for you!

Start your career in manufacturing – while you’re still in high school!

The Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program allows you to gain critical skills needed for today’s high-demand jobs.  You can earn a paycheck in a safe and secure environment.

Through FLYAP you will have an advantage over your peers for a career in advanced manufacturing. We also support academic success by working with you and your high school to ensure graduation.

We want to be a part of your career exploration. Please email us with any questions!

FLYAP draft dayThrough this program, relevant education and critical on-the-job training create the precise combination to put you on the right track to a promising career.

This program also supports your current academic success. High school completion is a necessary component of the program, so we will work with your high school to ensure graduation.

Whether you are considering a four-year college, military, or apprenticeship, these are clear paths towards a successful career. We want to be part of the decision discussion when you are making career exploration choices. Let’s talk!

Watch students sign contracts with employers at Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Signing Day 2022

Apply Now

As a youth apprentice, you will receive education and skills through job shadowing in 11th grade and a paid co-op in 12th grade. What’s more, upon completion, you will have the highly sought-after skills and experience that could make your career possibilities limitless.

In this program, you will have an opportunity to interview with several companies in multiple trades. And when you graduate, you will already have an understanding of these companies and what they offer.

We are here to be part of your decision discussion. Let’s build your future together.

Parent-Student: Send Application to Inbox

Please use this form to send the application to your email inbox. You will also be directed to the application upon submission

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Frequently Asked Questions

Student exploration program into apprenticeship programs in advanced manufacturing careers, that require post-secondary requirements prior to them leaving high school.

Current high school students in their junior or senior year.

There is currently no cost to register for this program.

Please fill out the form on this page.

16 years of age.

Math is the foundation of the skilled trades and it is required that the student be proficient in converting metric units to English units, fractions to decimals, and basic algebra, geometry and trigonometry (such as calculating angles).

The minimum age is 16 according to the NYS DOL Labor Laws, following the restricted occupation guidelines.

NYS DOL Labor Laws follow the restricted occupation guidelines.


Yes, but you must dual enroll.

No, but it is strongly recommended.

Earning college credit and related instruction credit while taking classes during your high school years. Contact your school instructor for more information. Dual enrollment is strongly encouraged in up to five courses offered at MCC.

Yes, but arrangements must be made with MCC or your local community college.

Your normal Liability insurance will cover job shadow, just like it does visitors.

Co-ops and interns are paid employees so your NYS Workers Compensation covers them.

It is effective once a youth apprentice begins a paid work position, per NYS labor and worker’s compensation laws.

Not at this time, but it is strongly encouraged.

MCC (Monroe Community College) and the RTMA (Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association).

No, but they are encouraged.

4 hours minimum, 8 hours maximum are required (can be more if mutually agreed upon).

100 hours minimum to 200 hours maximum.

Yes, as a senior the program requires a paid co-op.

Although some schools do help out, it is the responsibility of the students and parents.

There must have one qualified mentor for every youth apprentice.

NYSDOL trade outlines for each trade will determine what gets taught at companies.

Being hired as a full-time employee would be up to the employer at that point in time, but currently a high school diploma or equivalent is required to enter into a NYS Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Passing grades, attendance in school and proper behavior while in school is required to enter and maintain participation in youth apprenticeship. A high School diploma or equivalent is required for an apprenticeship program.

A structured training program audited by NYS DOL for compliance with postsecondary requirements, with an “earn while you learn” on-the-job training platform and a nationally recognized credential upon completion.

NYS does not recognize youth apprenticeships yet, so this program mirrors exactly the trade outlines and related instruction requirements that a NYS registered apprenticeship program requires. This allows the students to get credit for the related instruction (school), and the on-the-job training “earn while you learn” portion of the program allows them to enter the NYS apprenticeship program with credit and to complete the program earlier then those who do not go through this program.

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