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FLYAP is developing the pipeline for the next generation of advanced manufacturing professionals while they’re still in high school. Companies can select juniors for a job shadow and seniors for either a paid co-op or job shadow. FLYAP has students in every BOCES & CTE school in the greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region.

Why should my company participate in FLYAP?

Participation in the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program will give you a significant competitive advantage over your competitors. Job shadows are only an 8-hour commitment, while paid co-ops allow your company to get first crack at the next wave of manufacturing professionals.

Job shadows are a no-cost obligation. To remain competitive, FLYAP sets the pay for all co-ops at $15.00 per hour.


Click here to view the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program Business Orientation Information

FLYAP Business Info & Orientation

Recruitment of New Employees

People are not just looking for jobs anymore, they are looking for a career with opportunities. An employer that participates in the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program reaches future employees at the ages of 16 or 17 and can offer that opportunity long before they graduate from high school. This early interaction means participating employers will get the “cream of the crop.”

Retention of Employees

Data shows that investing in your employees not only in wage advancement but in opportunities for growth and development is the best method to insure your finest employees stay with you longer.

Knowledge Transfer

With the aging workforce reaching retirement age and the difficulty in finding skilled labor help, a Youth Apprenticeship program is the perfect match. Young adults with the basic knowledge of manufacturing will learn from your experienced employees before they retire through a structured registered apprenticeship training program.

Our Participating Employers

Monroe County
GLOW Region
FAME Region
Acro Industries
Amada Tool
WesLor Enterprises
Micro Instrument Corp.
Custom Mfg. & Design
Vance Metal
Eastman Kodak
E&R Machine
CCMI Plastics
D.P. Tool & Machine
Minitec Framing Systems
Monsees Group
HFW Industies
Rochester Industrial Control
MWI, Inc.
J.W. Burg
OptiPro Systems
Oxbo International
Optimax Systems
SPX Flow
Modern CNC
Baldwin Richardson Foods
PGM Corp.
Weco Manufacturing
LMC Mechanical Contractors
Advanced Atomization Technologies
LSI Solutions
Moley Magnetics
Peak Fabrications
Nuclear Alloys
Penn Yan Aero
ACAD Design Corp.
Nuttall Gear
OptiTorque Technologies
Voss Manufacturing
Murphy Mechanical & Machine
Stever Locke
Palma Tool & Die
Performance Mfg.
G.W. Lisk
NYMAT Machine Tool Corp.
Pivot Precision
ITT Goulds Pumps
Taylor Devices
Empire Fruit Growers
Jrlon, Inc.
Niagara Precision
Diamond Packaging
Genesee Global Group
Triton Mechanical
ZIP Products
Lakelands Concrete Products
Maris Systems Design
LandPro Equipment
Davis Ulmer
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Pro-Tech Manufacturing
Upstate Niagara Cooperative
Jrlon Eng
Maris Systems Design
Peko Precision
GoForth Electric
Turning Point Tool
Arctic Refrigeration
3rd ROC Solar
MWI, Inc.
Ambrell Corporation
Nortera Foods
Morse Sash & Door
HP Hood
United States Gypsum
JAM Industies
JS Coating Solutions
Diamond Packaging
Accede Mold & Tool

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Participation in the program provides your company with the opportunity to expose high school juniors and seniors to company-specific, on-the-job training.

With the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program, you have a hand in creating your next-generation workforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NYS does not recognize youth apprenticeships yet, so this program mirrors exactly the trade outlines and related instruction requirements that a NYS registered apprenticeship program requires. This allows the students to get credit for the related instruction (school), and the on-the-job training “earn while you learn” portion of the program allows them to enter the NYS apprenticeship program with credit and to complete the program earlier then those who do not go through this program.

It is your discretion. One year you may need three and the next year you may not need any. We encourage as much participation as an employer can reasonably manage. There are no obligations—even if you interview at Matching Day you are not obligated to take any of the candidates if they do not meet your expectations.

NYS Labor laws are very specific about “Restricted Occupations.” Many of the skilled trades are NOT on the “Restricted Trades Occupation List,” so liability would be the same as any other full-time employee. The only difference is that under the NYS Workers’ Compensation laws, if an employee under the age of 18 in injured while conducting work in a “Restricted Occupation” then any claim that is paid out would be double that of someone 18 years of age or older. Job shadow candidates are not performing any work and fall under your general liability insurance for visitors and or vendors.

At this time the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship program is not requiring that employers offer a NYS registered apprenticeship program. We do however educate the students, parents and educators on the benefits of entering into a registered apprenticeship program. We also notify the students of employers that offer a registered apprenticeship and those that do not so that they can make their best decisions on career opportunities.

There is no obligation. Obviously the intent of the program is to allow you to see the Youth Apprentice’s work in your environment, ultimately leading to full time employment. If however the Youth Apprentice demonstrates below average work or your business conditions do not allow for additional employees, then upon completion of the program you do not have to offer the candidate a full time job.

There may be circumstances where a student meets all of your expectations and in the end chooses to not accept your offer of employment, just as there are no guarantees to the student that you can offer him or her a full-time position upon completion. With strong mentoring within your organization, the offer of a registered apprenticeship program and with tuition at no cost to the student, we expect this this to be a rare occurrence.

There is no cost to participate in the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program. In the future we may ask for a voluntary sponsorship to help with student events (like Matching Day and Signing Day), however at this time we have secured funding for those events.

For senior-year co-ops, yes, with minimum program requirement to be determined prior to the start of each program year (it was $13.00 for the 2020 school year). For junior-year job shadows, no.

2023 Program Sponsors and Partners

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