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For Educators

Preparing your students for today’s workforce is vital to our region’s economy and quality of life. By partnering with the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program and its business partners, your school district will be able to provide job shadows and paid co-ops at dozens of local manufacturing companies.

By partnering with local businesses through the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program, your school district can help build our region’s manufacturing workforce through hands-on opportunities for learning and growth.

FLYAP Educator Orientation & Information Session

A Strong Partner

FLYAP pairs your high school’s curriculum with dual enrollment at Monroe Community College at no cost to the school district or student. This gives youth apprentices a head start on post-graduations credits.

The Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program is a strong partner in supporting each student’s academic success. We welcome all opportunities to present the program to students, instructors, administrators, work-based learning coordinators and families.

Please email us with any questions!

FLYAP signing dayBecause high school completion is a program requirement for all NYSDOL registered apprenticeship programs, the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program is a strong partner in supporting each student’s academic success.

We want to be part of the decision discussion when your students reach career exploration age. Let’s partner for the future.

Have a question? Please contact the FLYAP.

Educators! Click here to view the Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program Educator Orientation Information.

FLYAP Edu Orientation Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

A structured training program audited by NYS DOL for compliance with postsecondary requirements, with an “earn while you learn” on-the-job training platform and a nationally recognized credential upon completion.

NYS does not recognize youth apprenticeships yet, so this program mirrors exactly the trade outlines and related instruction requirements that a NYS registered apprenticeship program requires. This allows the students to get credit for the related instruction (school), and the on-the-job training “earn while you learn” portion of the program allows them to enter the NYS apprenticeship program with credit and to complete the program earlier then those who do not go through this program.

Visit our contact page or contact Rich Turner at

Dual enrollment with community colleges. Please contact Michael J. Smith of MCC’s Economic & Workforce Development at for more details.

Mechanical aptitude activities that teaches safety, OSHA, Machining, Electricity or general shop and manufacturing practices all can be applied. STEM programs and any technology classes and any other classes that expose kids to measuring, programming or making things are encouraged and helpful.

Although there are no requirements that states a student must participate in a BOCES or CTE program to be eligible, it is no secret that the experience (both hands-on and in-classroom) at a BOCES or CTE is what we call the Golden Road to apprenticeships. Ultimately, it is how the student interviews during Matching Day and how they communicate their plans for their future that will help the employer decide who they choose.

We have seen varied involvement from each school. Primarily we would like to have access to the students, instructors and/or work-based coordinators so we can educate them on the program as well as overall opportunities in advanced manufacturing and apprenticeships. Assisting the vetting of the students for GPA, Attendance, and disciplinary issues are helpful. Many schools require their own site visits to employers and we encourage as much involvement as a school chooses. This is not intended to be a school sponsored activity, however partnering with schools involves some commitment.

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